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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Scrapbooking Post

I decided to create a separate blog for my scrapbooking separate from my fitness/running blog, it was beginning to get a bit confusing to post SC things on my running blog or to link my running blog to a SC challenge. You are welcome to read either one, I am going to be going back to running at the end  of the month currently on a 2 months break to let my body completely heal from injury.

Did a LO for the sketch of the week at Sketch Inspiration

The music notes were hand cut and I use an inqueboard to make the drawing on the left, the yellow paper is part of the Perfect pages young at heart scrapbook page kit.

Am really new to this, only being scrapbooking for 3 months now but I seem to hvae acquired a lot in such a short people definately easily enabled.

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